(Cover under Revision)

Waking up in a man’s body would ruin any princess’s morning.

Daulphina’s father, the king of Asteria, has always wanted a male heir. But thanks to her magic, he’ll never have a legitimate one, and she’d take on all the gods herself before her bastard half-brother displaces her on the throne. He isn’t nice enough to be a good king.

But apparently, the gods don’t like being challenged because she’s flung across the void and into the dumpy old trailer and chiseled body of Joshua Killenyen, a rodeo bull rider from Alabama. With nothing to eat but Frosted Flakes and no knowledge how she got there, she needs to find a way home before the bulls she must ride pulverize her. Besides, if she doesn’t get back in time, her brother will rule and reduce her people to slavery. Remember, he isn’t nice.

(Coming Soon)