The Goddess's Choice

Expanded Edition

Coming June 15

In a world where the corrupt church hides the truth about magic, the fate of the joined kingdom falls on the shoulders of two young people from opposite ends of the social hierarchy.

Crown Princess Samantha’s life begins to fall apart when she starts seeing strange colors around her potential suitors. She fears that she’s going insane--or worse that she’s defying the Goddess’s will. Robrek is a lowly farm boy with incredible magical powers. He has been biding his time waiting to get revenge on those who call him a demon.

Thrown together by chance, they must overcome their differences to fight their common enemy Duke Argblutal, who, with dark magic, is slowly poisoning the king’s mind and turning him against his own daughter.  Time is running out for those chosen by the Goddess to prevent the power mad duke from usurping the throne and plunging the joined kingdoms into civil war.

New Series: The Bull Riding Witch


Waking up in a man’s body would ruin any princess’s morning.



The Kronciles of Korthlundia

Book I: The Goddess's Choice

Book II: The Soul Stone

The Ghost in Exile: A Korthlundian Kronicle

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