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The Plague: We’re in this Together — 3 Comments

  1. Thank you for your testimony. I hope you will soon be feeling even better. I am pretty much resigned to staying home except for doctor’s appointments and pharmacy runs for the next year or more. It is a blessing that I have friends who are braver than I doing meals on wheels and other supportive activities. Reviewing books may not be much, but it is something I CAN do. Alas, I put the last suet cake in the birdfeeder yesterday and the hardware store is not a medically necessary stop. The peas I put in the ground back in February (I think it was) now have blossomed. Even if you just have a flower pot, plant something to see that growth is possible. May you have a blessed day.

  2. Thank you for your courage and honesty. I have shared this on my social media and I pray your words of such srength and wisdom will spread across this country. I am heartbroken for you at the death of your son.

  3. This is a truly heartfelt testimonial and appeal. I’m reading it more than a year after it was posted. I found it even more poignant as you mention about your son having just completed his engineering. God bless his soul.